The RotoSpin C rotary (support) module is used for the capturing of tilting moments during the welding of large spatial parts, for the transmission of welding current, compressed air, electrical signals, etc. The RS-C module consists of a frame, a rotary flange, a hollow shaft, a tilt bearing and a rotary welding current distribution unit. The hollow shaft allows to route compressed air and electric signal distribution lines.


The RS-C module is normally supplied with a rotary electric distribution unit for the welding current od 500 A. Upon an agreement with the manufacturer, the rotary distribution unit can be modified, or the module can be supplied without a distribution unit. The module is supplied in two versions, with feet or with a flange. The RS-C module for the horizontal or vertical axis of rotation is used as complement to the RS-A or RS-B module.


The rotary module does not require any special maintenance. When installing the rotary modul, observe the respective dimensional and positional tolerances of the centering diameters. The rotary module is a high-precision product, therefore it requires careful manipulation, installation, and dismounting.

Delivery Conditions

The rotary module is delivered completely assembled, without fixing screws, grease lubricated, and in a protective package.

Each rotary modul is identified with an identification plate, including the following data:

  • manufacturer
  • production type and size
  • reduction ratio
  • model
  • manufacturing number


Rating tables Rotospin C


Handling capacity Speed

Max. welding current

Max. amperage Max. voltage Weight Hole in the shaft
 [kg] [min-1] [A] [%] [V] [kg] [mm]

RS 250-C

250 10 500 60 40 22 40

RS 500-C

500 10 500 60 40 42 40

RS 1000-C

1000 10 500 60 40 50 40