Strategic goal of company SPINEA is to be global leader in technology of compact reducers.

Politics of quality is followed by strategic goal of our company is based on principles, that quality of products:

  • Is elementary feature for realization of strategic goal of company
  • Is providing satisfying of customers needs and increasing of their contentment
  • Enables stabilization on market and improving of new positions on world market
  • Ensure the expansion of prosperity in the company and also leads to the growth of satisfaction by employees
  • Is integrated at all company levels, used for everyday work and each employee have to handle personal responsibility for quality and results of work   

To meet these principles top-management and all employees within company are undertaking to:

1. Ensure lasting and sustainable development of company based on technical innovations of product and capital projects, develop business relationship with key customers.

2. Meet the needs and expectations of market, increase trust of customers to quality of SPINEA brand and continuously monitor their satisfaction.

3. Continuously increase prosperity of company with focus on quality of product.

4. Develop supplier-customer relationship leading to ensuring quality of inputs for process of production with aim to meet customer requirements.

5. Systematically develop motivational tools in company as is education of employees, supporting of creativity, ideas and engagement in work, creation of conditions for professional growth and increasing of awareness to quality and team work.

6. Increasing of employee’s knowledge in field of environmental protection, proper waste management and with efficient usage of energy eliminates pollution impacts.

7. Improve processes with aim to increase the effectiveness of the quality management system.

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