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SPINEA and SIEMENS - common units with control system and equipment

SPINEA® was inspired by Ernest Werner von Siemens' most famous quote, "... it's not about going head against the wall, but rather about finding the door with your eyes..." and created unique conditions for the joint realization of compact units composed of the TwinSpin® high-precision reduction gear and a servomotor with control system from SIEMENS.

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The very high positioning accuracy of the TwinSpin® cycloidal zero-backlash reducers is not an accident

SPINEA has invested in state-of-the-art progressive precision manufacturing as well as measurement technologies to ensure the excellent accuracy of its products in line with the Industry 4.0 concept. Precise and stable production, measurement, and inspection throughout the entire manufacturing process of the bearing reducer components ensure that only a superior product that meets all required parameters the customer will get.

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Gears for waterjet cutting heads

Along with waterjet cutting machines, these excellent properties of reduction gears TwinSpin® and actuators DriveSpin® made by company SPINEA, s.r.o. have been demonstrated also in the cutting heads during 3D plasma and laser cutting.

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The world of high precision

Production with micron-size precision is demanding in the terms of production and measuring technique. Company SPINEA, s.r.o. has managed the processes of very precise production as proved by top quality products that belong to the category of high precision technology.

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Reduction gears for precise control of pan-tilt units´ movement

High precision reduction gears TwinSpin® and actuators DriveSpin® possess all properties and meet all demands laid on PTU azimuth and elevation axis motion control. Moreover, compared to competitive products, these reduction gears showed excellent performance at low temperatures, and extremely smooth operation in the micro-stepping arrangement, i.e. low revolutions of 0.0001°/s, which allows for a stable picture at the slow movement of a monitored object in long distance.

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DriveSpin® Flat – yet it is flat

Current global trends indicate efforts for reaching the highest performance possible with the smallest dimensions. This had inspired us to develop a special production line of actuators DriveSpin that would meet the most demanding customer requirements laid on the axial length. Our work resulted in the development of the new production line of actuators DriveSpin® Flat.

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How TwinSpin® reduction gears improve dental milling machines

TwinSpin ® gearboxes belong to the category of backlash-free gearboxes, which provide high positioning accuracy essential for the overall accuracy of dental prosthesis production. Thanks to the unique transmission mechanism, high production accuracy, and the use of high-quality lubricants, TwinSpin ® gears keep high positioning accuracy throughout their service life, thus ensuring the long-term quality and accuracy of DMM.

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