DSM 050 

DSM 050 

The DriveSpin® DSM modular rotary positioning modules provide controlled rotary motion and transfer of torque with a high positioning accuracy and precision. The output flange of the module allows capturing both radial and axial forces. The modules feature a special design, which allows versatile connections, also without additional devices. Actuators can be combined in many ways using the modular system. The simple design integration ability and small dimensions allow creating kinematic assemblies from DSM modules for end effectors, but also for additional devices and positioners. The selection of a module size depends on the required load-carrying capacity and the number of degrees of freedom of the motion axis. The DSM Series is characterized by simple and quick assembly and reduces overall cost. Compact design ensures optimum mounting options and application possibilities, even in confined installation spaces. These actuators are used in applications with request of high torque density, precision and dynamics. Rated output torque is from 18 Nm to 122 Nm.

The high-precision DSM 050 actuators are the smallest in size of the DriveSpin® product family to meet the most demanding customer requirements in all industries.


Parameter DSM 050
Reduction ratio i 63

Rated output torque

Tr [Nm] 18

Acceleration/braking output torque

Tmax [Nm] 36

Rated input speed

nr [rpm] 2000

* for more information see DriveSpin® catalog


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