Quality Management System


In December 1999 SPINEA complied with international criteria and received the ISO 9001 certificate from the International Certification Company RWTUV. The certificate declares quality not only in the production, but also in the development and the whole company management. It is a very important appraisal considering the fact that SPINEA was awarded by this certificate only two years after the initiation of its production.

In November 2002 SPINEA passed through the procedure of recertification according to EN ISC 9001:2000 and received the ISO 9001:2000 certificate, and in 2011 received the ISO 9001:2009 certificate after actual recertification. The latest recertification SPINEA received was EN ISO 9001:2016. This international standard favours the acceptance of access procedures in preparation, implementation, improvement of efficiency of quality management, of company management and improvement of client needs satisfaction. The system of quality management checks all production details in SPINEA's production, starting with the documentation and research planning up to the final inspection of a finished product. Not only the company's high-tech products but also the ISO certificates prove that SPINEA is a serious partner on the international market.



Quality Policy


The main vision of SPINEA, s.r.o. is to achieve excellence in motion by developing, manufacturing and supplying high-precision bearing reducers for robotic and non-robotic applications.

The strategic goal of SPINEA, s.r.o. is to increase the company's performance by focusing on the development of human resources, research and development of technological processes and products, expansion of the sales network, development of innovation and innovation management, development of partnerships with customers and suppliers.

The quality policy follows the strategic goal of our company and is based on the principles
that product quality:

  • is a decisive factor for the realisation of the company's strategic objective,
  • ensuring that customer needs are met and customer satisfaction is increased,
  • enables the stabilisation and acquisition of new positions on the world market,
  • ensures the company's prosperity and leads to the growth of employee satisfaction,
  • is integrated at all levels of the company, into the daily work and every employee must take personal responsibility for the quality of the results of their work.

To fulfill these principles, the executive management and all employees of the Company are committed to:

  1. To improve the company's performance through research, development, technical product innovation and the implementation of investment projects.
  2. To develop business relationships, to meet the needs and expectations of the market, to increase customer confidence in the quality of the SPINEA brand, to continuously monitor customer satisfaction.
  1. To continuously increase the prosperity of the company with an emphasis on product quality.
  2. Develop supplier-customer relationships to ensure the quality of process inputs and meet customer requirements.
  3. Fulfilling the company's corporate values, systematically developing motivational tools with a focus on improving the company culture, training, development and stabilization of employees, supporting their creativity, creativity and commitment, raising awareness of quality and teamwork.
  4. Raise employee awareness of environmental protection, proper waste management and efficient use of energy to eliminate the impact on environmental pollution.
  5. Manage and improve all processes with the intention of reducing risks and negative impacts and with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of the quality management system.

The implementation of the above principles is an effort to ensure not only the satisfaction of our customers and the prosperity of the company, but also the satisfaction and fulfillment of the requirements of the owner of the company.

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