DSI 070 

DSI 070 

DriveSpin® with Integrated Servo Drive

DriveSpin® series presents a compact solution with servomotor, sensor, and TwinSpin® gearbox in one servoactuator, which provides the benefits in high positioning accuracy high torque density and high tilting stiffness. However, we decided to move it up a notch and we are proud to introduce a new step in the field of integration - the new DSI. The DSI represents a new series of low voltage servoactuator based on our well-known DS series with precise TwinSpin® reductors and integrated servodrive to provide maximum power density, precision and intelligence.

The digital servo drives with FOC control, integrated in the DSI, can work like stand-alone one-axis solution as well as part of multi-axis solution communicated in real-time.


  • High torque density,
  • Compact size,
  • High positioning accuracy,
  • Easy to integrate into your solution,
  • Simple power distribution when using multiple DSI's,
  • All in one solution.


Parameter DS 070
Reduction ratio i 57, 75

Rated output torque

Tr [Nm] 50

Acceleration/braking output torque

Tmax [Nm] 100

Rated input speed

nr [rpm] 2000

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